Our Centre

At Float Tank Barrie we have a yoga studio, tea lounge, vanity, and 5 private Float rooms - each with an Oasis Relaxation System Float Tank, shower and all amenities needed for your float.

Yoga Studio


At Float Tank Barrie we have a large open exercise, yoga, & meditation room. 

When not being used for a Yoga Class or Meditation, this room is available to all float customers pre and post float.

We believe in the power of combining the techniques of other practices with floatation. Floating is not the only health care method a person should use. Nutrition, exercise, and relaxation should all be integrated into one's lifestyle.   

Optimize your next float by doing a stretch beforehand and you'll get that extra layer of tension peeled back in the float tank!​

Tea Lounge


If you are ever waiting for your float to start or after your float there is no need to rush out the door. Enjoy some peppermint tea or water in our lounge. Expression, colouring, picture and reading books are also available for your entertainment. 



Before entering your float room, there is a vanity with additional toiletries provided for your convenience at the front of the hall. 

If Applicable:

  • Please remove any make up before your float
  • Please brush your hair to remove any loose hairs
  • Take a hair tie if you would like one. (optional/personal preference) 
  • Remove and store contacts

Feel free to take your time here after your float as well to "fix yourself up." 

If you bring any products from home, 

please use in the vanity to keep rooms scent free. 

Float Rooms


Each float room is private & provides a bench to put your personal belongings, hooks, shower, all amenities (ie: earplugs, towels, etc.) and an Oasis Relaxation System Float Tank!

Our Float Tanks - The Oasis System


Floating in an Oasis System may be one of the most pleasurable, relaxing and enriching experiences of your life. The warmth, comfort and ease of floating gravity free... the peace, quiet, and time for yourself ... the discoveries of deeper levels of self... the joy of functioning more effectively in your world... these pleasures are among the many mentioned.