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Modern society has created a situation where the human nervous system lives in a world of near-constant stimulation. Rarely does our brain and body have the opportunity to relax and disconnect from all this stimulation. 

As a result, chronic physical and mental health conditions have become ubiquitous, with over a quarter of the population suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, and other ailments exacerbated by stress. 

At Float Tank Barrie we provide a service known as Floatation-REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy). 

A new emerging technology that appears to powerfully counter the effects of stress in modern life. 

As well as Floatation-REST we also offer monthly meditations, lucia light sessions, and yoga classes

We have a open gym/yoga studio, tea lounge, vanity, and 5 private Float rooms - each with a area to change, shower and float inside a Oasis Relaxation System Float Tank.

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Open House's


 By now you’ve heard the benefits of floating, you might even be a little curious if it’s for you! 

Find out, at a Float Tank Barrie Open House, September 14th and 17th. Tour the facility, learn about float therapy, and meet Mitch and Charles!

We’re here to answer all you’re questions about Floating… 

Bring a friend or family member/bring the kids. 

As nobody will be floating, 

We don't need to speak softly/be as quiet as usual! 

Great Deals On Floating! 

(Summer Sales Event!)  

Prizes, giveaways & more! 

(Attendees can enter 

for a chance to win!)

3rd Anniversary Summer Sales Event

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(Limited To 1/Customer)

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8 Float Pack - $333


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What Is Floating?


Never heard of floating? 

Find out more under the 

Floating section of our website.

Learn all about what it is exactly... 

How do you float...  why should you float..? 

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Videos On Floating


Want to see what it looks like? 

Watch video's from us at Float Tank Barrie, The Float Conference, Float Documentaries, celebrity testimonials, and depictions of floating in movies and T.V.

Video on Floating

Benefits of Floating


What are the benefits of floating?

Floating is renowned worldwide as having numerous health and well being benefits.

Find out more about the numerous benefits you can experience for yourself...

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How Do I Prepare For My Float


You've booked your appointment! 

That's awesome! 

To optimize your experience, check your confirmation email or read here on how to best prepare before showing up to float. 

Float Procedures



Have any more questions? 

Chances are you can find the answers to all your questions under the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us for help.


Clinical Float Research


Is there any science behind this? 

Backed by clinical proven publications floating has been shown to offer relief for a wide range of ailments and conditions on top of being a incredibly unique and relaxing experience for both mind and body, one that cannot be experienced anywhere else on Earth



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