Benefits Of Floating

Physical Benefits

When your body is not fighting gravity, it spends it efforts on resting, recuperating and healing anything that needs attention. The gravity-reduced environment allows your body to decompress, especially throughout the joints and the spinal column. It's the combination of these elements that create the following benefits and more: 

Athletic Training

  • Injury recovery: heal 2x faster while floating
  • Injury prevention due to reduced muscle tension
  • Improved reaction time
  • Lactic Acid reduction & recovery from workouts
  • Improved visualization (to build muscle memory)  

Pain Relief & Injury Recovery

  • Physical rehabilitation 4x faster than a bed 
  • Expediting healing in broken bones & sprained joints 
  • Relief from back and neck pain 
  • Spinal & structural alignment   

Medical Conditions 

  • Alleviates pain of Arthritis, Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia 
  • Strengthened immune systems & reprieve from stress-related illnesses​  


  • Welcome relief from the pressure by the weight of the baby.

Emotional and Creative Benefits


Float tanks create a uniquely beneficial environment for working though traumatic or painful events in our lives. Studies have shown that floating can profoundly improve the quality of life of sufferers of PTSD, insomnia, and depression. Addiction to narcotics, alcohol, stress-eating, and smoking can be overcome by floating.  


Pregnant women have reported feelings of a deep and beautiful emotional connection with their unborn children while floating.   

Artists musicians, business professionals, people from all walks of life will find that without external distraction, their minds are free to explore creative inspiration, self motivation, and intuitive problem-solving ideas.   

Everything you experience while floating comes from within you!

Benefits Beyond The Tank


We're all well aware that stress has a profound negative effect of our physical and emotional well-being.   

Floating has been shown to facilitate almost instant alleviation of stress related medical conditions such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, ulcers, migraines, tension headaches, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, burnout syndrome, TMJ, and more.


Autistic persons who are often overwhelmed by external stimulation can find relaxing relief in a float tank.


People who strive to achieve weight loss will activate their metabolism and find self-motivation for permanent behaviour changes.   

All of your possibilities can become realities when you achieve total relaxation! ​

Suggested Frequency?

Starting out, for truly optimal results, floating 2-4 times a month for 2-3 months is a great way to dive into the practice. For those really keen, floating once a week is incredible.  However, even 1-2 floats / month for 4-6 months is a great start too. 


Many people can easily sink into the depths of a float session on their very first try. However, we are all formed by our life experiences a little differently and for others it make take 2-3 floats before a deeper connection is made, this is normal. It is in our experience that the floaters whom have a regular meditation/yoga practice grasp the learning curve of floating a lot faster. 

Once you've cleared your first 10 floats, done within one of the frequencies suggested above, you should be able to to see how floating can benefit you and your life. Then typically 1-2 floats / month is a great place to be. Even taking little breaks is good and then coming back with greater intensity (e.g. 3 floats in 2 weeks) is excellent.