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Place In The Middle - Yoga with Laura Gallagher


Laura Gallagher

When I started practicing yoga, it was mostly about losing my baby weight, becoming healthier, and learning to be still in the busyness of being a mom. But the more I practiced, the more I felt this incredible, unexpected shift. My body changed, but there was a greater transformation that occurred within. I felt more grounded, more resilient, more open to life, and more confident in who I am.  


Yoga has influenced my relationships in positive and meaningful ways. It’s helped me to be a more compassionate, empathetic individual. I’m more patient with others and myself. More able to handle challenges. All I learned on my mat, I discovered I could take with me at the end of class – and those teachings have improved all aspects of my life. 


Certified 200 hour Ashaya Yoga Teacher!

I’m so grateful to share my experiences with those who come to class – and blessed to learn something from each new person I encounter. I finally feel like I’ve found my passion or raison d’etre – teaching people that perfect mix of breathing, movement and noticing that can improve their well-being and bring more peace to their life.   

By practicing yoga I truly believe we can all live a little healthier, breathe a little easier, and be a little happier on this beautiful journey we call life.   

All it takes is starting, from wherever you are.

Visit https://placeinthemiddleyoga.blogspot.ca/ for more info.