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The Studio

At Float Tank Barrie we have a large open exercise, yoga, & meditation room. 

When not being used for a Yoga Class or Meditation, this room is available to all float customers pre-float. We believe in the power of combining the techniques of other practices with floatation. Floating is not the only health care method a person should use. Nutrition, exercise, and relaxation should all be integrated into one's lifestyle. 

Optimize your next  float by doing a stretch beforehand and you'll get that extra layer of tension peeled back in the float tank!​

Crystal Singing Bowls - Chakra Clearing Meditation

Feeling tired? Worn down? Exhausted? Stuck? Confused? You could have blocked energy in your body. Come out and release the energy while you relax!

Experience an ancient relaxation and healing technique. An Experience that allows you to lay on your blanket, relax, rejuvenate, and heal all at the same time. The sound vibrations will flow through and around you, removing blocked energy, old emotions and negativity that is no longer serving you. As Jenn Prothero plays the crystal bowls she will take you on a guided meditation through your chakra system. For more information about sound vibration healing visit www.crystalsingingbowls.webs.com 

Place In The Middle - Yoga with Laura Gallagher

Laura Gallagher

When I started practicing yoga, it was mostly about losing my baby weight, becoming healthier, and learning to be still in the busyness of being a mom. But the more I practiced, the more I felt this incredible, unexpected shift. My body changed, but there was a greater transformation that occurred within. I felt more grounded, more resilient, more open to life, and more confident in who I am.  


Yoga has influenced my relationships in positive and meaningful ways. It’s helped me to be a more compassionate, empathetic individual. I’m more patient with others and myself. More able to handle challenges. All I learned on my mat, I discovered I could take with me at the end of class – and those teachings have improved all aspects of my life. 

Certified 200 hour Ashaya Yoga Teacher!

I’m so grateful to share my experiences with those who come to class – and blessed to learn something from each new person I encounter. I finally feel like I’ve found my passion or raison d’etre – teaching people that perfect mix of breathing, movement and noticing that can improve their well-being and bring more peace to their life.   

By practicing yoga I truly believe we can all live a little healthier, breathe a little easier, and be a little happier on this beautiful journey we call life.   

All it takes is starting, from wherever you are.

Visit https://placeinthemiddleyoga.blogspot.ca/ for more info.