Block Therapy Classes

What Is Block Therapy?

Block Therapy, we get you out of your HEAD and into your BODY! 

We dive deep into your connective tissues, FASCIA, 

Learn to Move your PAIN with the power of BREATH! 

Learn to Become Your Own Therapist, to Deal with your Issues in your TISSUES! Block Therapy is a Whole Body Self Care Practice! 

Learn in Class, Heal Yourself at Home with Simple, Easy to Learn Block Positions!

What are the Benefits of Block Therapy?

Block Therapy decompresses stuck tissues to feed & oxygenate your cells. Block unwinds your Fascia, helping to lengthen your spine and realign your body! Block Therapy is a NEW APPROACH for people living with Chronic Pain. Block Therapy is a NEW APPROACH for people with weight issues, Melt your fatty tissue, gets rid of your waste and flattens your belly, retracts skin! Block Therapy is a NEW APPROACH for people with Anxiety, Learn to Connect to Breath, Let Breath be Your Guide! Use the power of Breath to Calm Mind and Body!


Wed. Oct 9 - Oct 30 Weekly @ 8-9:30pm

Get 4-90 Min Classes for the Price of 3 

Reg $120 Register Today $90

Rent a Block Buddy ($5) or Purchase in Class. Bring your own Block Buddy Tool if your have one. A mat will be provided or feel free to bring your own. Float Tank Barrie Members can Rent Blocks Free

Classes Hosted By Victoria Goodman


Ontario’s Only Certified Block Therapy Instructor.

Owner and Operator of Victoria’s Holistic Day Spa for 28 Years.

Certified Bowen Therapist

CFA Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional

Certified Holistic Therapist/Esthetician.

Serving Simcoe Area 10+ Yr

Learn More About Victoria at